About UsAbout Shepherd's Grace Church

The name Shepherd's Grace illustrates what I believe is the truest nature of our church. The name comes from a process of prayer, pondering, and finally full participation by the congregation. We named ourselves by inviting the Holy Spirit to move in our midst and reveal to us the truest nature of our ministry. After working together and genuinely listening to one another we were called to our identity.


We believe this identity is most completely revealed in the 23rd Psalm. We have claimed by our name that the Lord is our shepherd. There is no other leader, protector, or guide other that God Himself. Our God is revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This God is our shepherd and He alone prepares a place for us. This place is in our future and is a place of peace, a place where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.


We do not believe this place will be encountered without difficulties. The table prepared for us is in the presence of our enemies. Those enemies are not other congregations or people but rather they are pride, greed, envy and all other human qualities that keep us from the fullness of God. These difficulties will be overcome as we live into the fullness of the promise of the Psalm.


The Hebrew tradition of this Psalm invites us to a radical hospitality. We are invited to be the Body of Christ and therefore host to all who enter our presence. We are called to share all that we have; to fill our neighbor's cup to overflowing. God has placed us in this green pasture, not so that we should hoard what is given us, but that we should share.


We are Shepherd's Grace Church, a place where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are filled to the fullest. The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want!